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18th Century Lesbian Erotica is Truly Salacious featured some interesting pieces by Franz von Byros.  This selacious lesbian erotica depicts 19th Century women engaging in all kinds of debauchery, including BDSM, fetishism and perhaps even a little nod to beastiality.  These are not the typical images we … Continue reading

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Primal Hardwere’s Krubera Ovipositor is Something Out of Our Wildest Dreams

“How do you like your eggs?”, read’s Primal Hardwere’s description box for their latest creation: the ovipositor.  Primal Hardwere has a reputation for catering to a wide cast of paraphilias with their animal “dicks” (dildos inspired by the anatomy of … Continue reading

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Insertion Play Class at Sinclaire Academy **August 12th**

For our 8th installment of the class series, we will explore Insertion Play: plugs, dildos, harnesses, enema’s, inflatables, vibrating toys.   Arrival and checkin are at 2:00 PM at the Gwen Media studio.  As always, the classes are open to couples, single … Continue reading

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