1. Sorry was not clear. NOT interested in download AT ALL. Clips are a no-no for me.

    Is this film going to available for DVD purchase or is only download?

  2. Hi Jay,

    Isabella is willing to burn you a copy to DVD! Be aware that there would be no artwork or labels on the disk. Contact her directly at theisabellasinclaire ( @ ) gmail.com to make arrangements. There will be an additional cost for p&h, etc. Have a great weekend.

  3. Sorry to hear that as I do not buy clips. Don’t watch kink or nastyrubbergirls as they download only. I am largey Euro and Japan of late as they still believe in pyhsical media and high playback quality.

    For those of us who prefer UNcompressed FULL NON interlaced video with true full stereo audio we wait on DVD and Blu-ray and PAY for better playback quality as we watch more than 2 times.

    For those who want anything including FLV or worse mp4 you know where they will get theirs from and what value they put on such.

    Hope to buy your film in next 6 months but fully know if not by then chances are you will never release on DVD

  4. Appreciate the offer but if not in DVD or Blu-ray format do not want mp4 or FLV burned on a disk as I can fo that myself.

    Bbut again the film IN DOWNLOAD COMPRESSED FORM is not wanted. If this is going to be released in DVD specific format I can be patient.

    If never to be released in DVD UNCOMPRESSED FORMAT then do us DVD consumers a favor and remove those DVD box covers

    ESPECIALLY the back with the text as that is clearly indicating a DVD release.

  5. Hi Jay. Isabella is willing to burn a DVD for you. Contact her directly to let her know the desired format. There are no plans to do a DVD release.

    Apologies about the miscommunication on the “DVD Release” information, will correct.

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