1. It should be noted that only PREMIUM Siruis subscribers can listen to this broadcast on Siruis radios. Computer users cannot receive this channel on their laptops/desktops, nor those Siruis radio users who are using the 3 day free sign up. Again only PREMIUM subscribers can listen to Playboy channel broadcasts.

  2. BTW, vanessa Blue has not been on the show since August. Christy Canyon’s co-host is now Nicki Hunter, a femdom.

  3. Sorry about that. I should have been more specific. For us APPLE users, Siruis provides NO desktop/laptop access or support at all. For you Wintel/AMD users, the customer support person I spoke to said the required horsepower is still beyond a lot of people (especially my older system) as the needed specs does NOT work with a Win 2000 system and will not work over dial up at all and has problems over DSL connections. So if you have high end ethernet and an alienware level rig , then you are alright for Siruis on the puter. For other not so much. Not that there is anything wrong with that type of targeting by Gwen Media, especially in this economy as Gwen Media is promoting to the potential consumers who obvously do have the money for that kind of spending. But this channel is only available to existing paying customers and those paying customers who also pay for this premium channel and have the required tech to recieve. This is not old Ksex where nearly everyone could tune in.

    Glad to see to you enjoyed the show though.

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