Hooded Torments Part 1

The divinely beautiful Anastasia Pierce is a slave, set about the task of cleaning the dungeon. Her lithe body coated in sleek, shiny latex, she looks exquisitely sexy prancing around in her ballet boots and dusting the room. Within moments, Mistress Jean Bardot (as Rubberella) arrives with discipline on her mind, taking the playfully sweet slave and getting her ready for some hardcore torture.   The white-rubber encased Domme sits Anastasia down on a bondage chair, slowly and methodically applying the straps and bonds that will place her fate entirely in the hands of her Mistress.  Once helpless, Anastasia's aroused and overly-sensitive nipples incite a moaning wail each time Jean pinches and squeezes them.  The beleaguered slave continuously gives her uniquely pouty look to her Mistress, all to no avail.   There may be no mercy to be found in this dungeon, but perhaps, if she's good, there will be pleasures...

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot

Date Added: Nov 21, 2016

Video Length: 10:37

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