Hooded Torments Part 2

Mistress Jean Bardot wastes absolutely no time in taking full advantage of her restrained slave, Anastasia Pierce. Her pained moans must be music to her owner's ears, as everything Jean does elicits fresh, whimpering cries from the bound girl. The torture begins with Anastasia's hot, erect nipples. With casual cruelty, Jean attaches a pair of clamps to them and begins toying with the chain. The Dominatrix swiftly moves on to Anastasia's exposed sex, as a series of black clamps are set, gripping down on her lips while Jean takes up the riding crop in order to test her pet's sensitivity. But it's not all cruelty for poor Anastasia, her Mistress knows she needs to temper pain with just a little bit of pleasure. The Domme's lips envelop the helpless girl's nipple with a sweet, soft suckle - and some teeth- while her gloved hand soothingly rubs against the girl's quivering pussy. Gently, almost tenderly, Jean taps the crop head against the ends of the clamps, her sadistic nature taking over once again…

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot

Date Added: Nov 27, 2016

Video Length: 08:35

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