Hooded Torments Part 3

Now Rubberella (Jean Bardot) is finally ready to get truly serious regarding Anastasia Pierce's discipline. The time has come for breath control. A series of hoods are placed upon Anastasia, and with each subsequent one the air hole becomes smaller, her ability to breathe more and more restricted. Of course, the Mistress is hardly shy about toying with the air hole, closing it entirely for brief periods before finally releasing it and allowing her pet a tiny modicum of fresh air once again. All the while, the slave is never allowed to forget her body's sensitive spots, as the cold dominatrix pinches her nipples and plays with the clamps attached to her pussy, Jean's satisfaction is all too clear as she takes in her slave's melodic, innocent cries.

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot

Date Added: Dec 8, 2016

Video Length: 10:50

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