Hooded Torments part 5

Rubberella (Mistress Jean Bardot) has finally found the perfect hood for her little slave-girl, Anastasia Pierce. Made of thick rubber and crimson red, it's the kind of hood that instinctively makes her poor pet whimper the moment she lays eyes upon it. Anastasia waits docilely as her Mistress removes her bonds and prepares her cage, her hands folded in her lap, sweet body visibly defeated by her Owner's torments. Balancing precariously in her ballet boots, she is lead like an obedient puppy into her uncomfortable cage. Black latex gleaming in the light, whimpers issuing forth from her muffled mouth, Anastasia is left to wait, the victim of a Mistress who's both cruel and callow, but most of all, the victim of her own need to submit. Starring Jean Bardot and Anastasia Pierce!

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot

Date Added: Jan 8, 2017

Video Length: 06:48

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