Ivy Manor 1 Part 4

As she continues to explore her dawning lust for latex and fetish wear, reporter Jennifer (Jewell Marceau) tries on more and more outfits, making her way through a beautiful black rubber dress, a sexy and endearing fetish mask, and a tightly-cinched purple corset. Finally, she settles upon an icy blue latex babydoll that looks so good even SHE can't keep her hands off herself. Jennifer gets so wrapped up in the smooth feel of the latex against her soft, luscious skin, she doesn't even notice the watchful eyes of Mistress Isabella Sinclaire, standing right behind her. The young reporter is adorably embarrassed, but both agree she is far better attired for her time in the Ivy Manor. Sitting down to a casual lunch, the two continue to discuss matters of the Manor, while a pair of serving-maids attend to their needs. Jennifer is surprised, but unresistant, as the maids slip under the table to serve the ladies in less "orthodox" ways. Very much used to decadent living, Isabella smiles amusedly as Jennifer struggles to compose herself and continue asking questions of the Mistress. However, not a single coherent sentence passes her lips once those latex panties are slipped down and the serving-maid between her legs gets to work. Flushed, excited, and even more intrigued by the workings of the Ivy Manor, Jennifer comes to Mistress Sinclaire with a risky proposal…

Featuring:  Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Dec 31, 2016

Video Length: 11:25

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