Ivy Manor 1 Part 5

Reporter Jennifer McKenzie is getting her wish. Her brief time of research within the Ivy Manor has awakened first her curiosity, then her need to explore the fringes of sexual desire, discipline, and servitude. So she requests to become a ward of the Manor, to see for herself what all the other girls go through, and she's going to get exactly that. Dressed in tight red & black latex, Jennifer kneels before her new Mistress, awaiting her Owner's guiding hands. She won't have to wait very long. As beautiful as she is merciless, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire wastes no time in gagging her sweet charge, tying her arms tightly behind her back and bending her over for a serious flogging. Once the newly-minted slave has been given a taste of what true submission is all about, Mistress Isabella covers her lovely face, first in latex, then a heavy-rubber mask, distorting her features and making her virtually unrecognizable. It's a symbol of her lost identity, making her no different than any other slave within the Manor's walls. Welcome to the Ivy Manor, Jennifer. Your eyes are finally opened wide. A whole new world of chains, collars, and cages awaits you. Just remember: You asked for it. Starring Mistress Isabella Sinclaire & Jewell Marceau

Featuring:  Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Jan 2, 2017

Video Length: 14:28

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