Ivy Manor 3 part 2

This is how the Ivy Manor does sensory deprivation. In order to properly acclimate slave Jennifer (Jewell Marceau) to her new tropical surroundings, Mistress Dominique (Mia Pavelli) decided it would be best to have her spend some time on the beach. A beautiful ocean view lies in front of the sweet submissive, bright sun, blue water and sandy beaches all spread before her… It's just a shame she can't see any of it. Jennifer is bound to a pole, firmly planted in the beach sand, covered head-to-toe in rubber and leather. The only opening in the rubber hood she wears is at the mouth, which her Mistress has stuffed with a red rubber ball-gag. She has been left. Abandoned. Made to suffer in the hot sun and even hotter rubber, calling out from behind her gag to a Mistress who is no longer there. As the sun sets upon her, the isolation really sinks in; no one is there to protect her, no one is there to watch over her. Her only companion the endless ocean, her only music the relentless crashing of the waves, which serve as the chorus to her sweet, muffled moans…

Featuring:  Jewell Marceau, Mia Pavelli

Date Added: Mar 29, 2017

Video Length: 08:39

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