Ivy Manor 3 part 4

Abused by the light. That might be the best way to describe how poor Jennifer feels, trapped in a candlelit room and subjected to one dangerously erotic session of scorching wax-play. Drawn by her arms and legs with tightly fastened ropes, the strict bondage gives her just enough yield to squirm and wriggle under her Mistress's torturous designs -- but not to escape. Mistress Dominique takes her time with her slave, running her gloved hands over Jennifer's smooth, silky skin; touching her, demonstrating just how vulnerable and helpless she really is, before picking up the candles and acquainting her with the feel of searing hot wax. Jennifer moans and pulls on her bonds as the wax sizzles against her skin, not even the tips of her toes are safe, as her Mistress makes a game of seeing just how high she can hold up the candles and still hit her mark. Red latex may coat the blonde Domme, but she's surely going to do her best to make sure her pet is equally covered. Each little drip, scorching it's way through Jennifer's will. Each little droplet, a fresh new mark of her Mistress's ownership.

Featuring:  Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Apr 15, 2017

Video Length: 11:06

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