Mind Control 1 part 1

Anastasia Pierce is not your average therapist. When her patient, Bella Starr comes to her for help overcoming her fear of spiders - specifically the black widow - Anastasia uses it as an opportunity to hypnotize the sweet blonde, taking over her mind and enslaving her from within. Inside Bella's head, Anastasia's dark vision comes to life. Bella is trapped in a web, an exposed victim in red latex, while Anastasia perfectly embodies the black widow, stalking her prey as she cries out, helpless and moaning. Sheathed in ominous, ebony latex, the dark vixen in black quickly takes control, teasing and playing with her terrified morsel, who can only squirm as she's subjected to her Doctor's sadistic game. Anastasia pulls out a rubber ball-gag to stifle Bella's whimpers, it's crimson sheen a perfect match to the desperate slave's deep red latex. The dominant woman thus begins her true assault; cropping, flogging and taunting her thrashing pet, nipple clamps in place, and a vibrating wand all set and ready to help mix a little pleasure with the pain…

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Bella Starr

Date Added: Mar 4, 2017

Video Length: 21:39

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