Mind Control 1 part 2

Deep under hypnosis, Bella Starr is forced to confront her next fear; that of the doctor's office. She finds herself wrapped in latex and under the complete control of the illustrious Anastasia Pierce, about to receive a very different kind of physical. Dr. Anastasia takes her time with her patient, knowing that as she tortures the pretty blonde with painful suction cups and taps at her pussy with a reflex hammer, the straps will ensure that Bella goes absolutely nowhere. Even after Anastasia removes her restraints, Bella remains a prisoner in her own mind, and as the dildo comes out to probe her mouth and penetrate her sweetness, she must come to accept that there truly is no escape. All she can do is submit. Doctor's orders.

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Bella Starr

Date Added: Mar 23, 2017

Video Length: 18:12

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