Mistress Calling Part 2

Victoria Channing knows how to obey. When Mistress Cheyenne decides to engage in a little over-the-phone Domination, Victoria is rapt and ready, prepared to do anything her Mistress commands. Cheyenne demands that Victoria touch herself, the sweet brunette takes her latex gloved fingers and gets to work, rubbing her breasts and playing with her pussy. Once Victoria is sufficiently wet, Cheyenne uses her desire against her, instructing her to line her most sensitive area with clothespins. Far too aroused to disobey, the submissive girl does exactly as she's told, following it up by adding clothespins to her nipples, at her Mistress's request. It's clear that it hurts, but she obviously loves it, pinching, playing and toying with her luscious body as her Mistress listens in. The slave is told to spank herself with her riding crop, counting the strokes to Cheyenne's delight. Her Mistress approves so much she permits the girl some relief, allowing Victoria to take out the vibrator and bring herself to a blissful, satisfying orgasm.

Featuring:  Mistress Cheyenne, Victoria Channing

Date Added: Mar 26, 2017

Video Length: 11:14

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