Mistress Calling part 3

Sweet Victoria Channing has arrived at Mistress Cheyenne's place, and is gawking at her toys and bondage gear. Cheyenne enters and immediately takes control of the situation, chastising her for standing in her presence and demanding that the girl strip down. Mistress Cheyenne hands her some latex fetish clothing to wear, watching Victoria intently as she oils up and slides on the bra, panties and rubber stockings. A nice, red ball-gag and steel collar complete the look, along with padlocked cuffs for each appendage, then Victoria is swiftly bound, her arms chained above her head, exposing her beautiful form to the devious dominatrix. Cheyenne teases the helpless girl before introducing her to the nipple clamps and riding crop, two of her favorite instruments when it comes to abusing a slave's erogenous zones. A heavy-handed spanking warms Victoria up, her ass quickly blushing red as her Mistress alternates between her hands and the crop, Victoria's moans serving as an abject demonstration of the pleasure and satisfaction of submitting to a Dominant, Superior Woman.

Featuring:  Mistress Cheyenne, Victoria Channing

Date Added: Apr 6, 2017

Video Length: 14:24

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