The Asylum Part 6

Helpless, Anastasia Pierce can only watch…As the lovely Charlotte Kelly is disciplined by a very dominant Eve Ellis, the blonde girl shackled and chained, her arms locked above her head, her body fully exposed for her Mistress's delight. Eve is in full dominatrix mode, completely coated in dark, snug latex, and it seems she has very little mercy to spare for poor little Charlotte. Anastasia Pierce is caged, looking on with interest, as Mistress Eve first shackles, then gags Charlotte, slapping her body and squeezing her breasts.
Charlotte's piercings are her downfall, and Eve takes full advantage of them, attaching a pair of clamps to her pierced tongue and pierced clit. The dark Domme says nothing, merely playing with her pet, fascinated by the drool that drips down from Charlotte's mouth on to her breasts. Eve takes great delight in toying with her prey, sitting on her lap as she runs her gloved fingertips all along her body, slapping Charlotte's inner thigh, and pulling on the chain linking her wet tongue and sensitive clit.

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Charlotte Kelly

Date Added: Dec 17, 2016

Video Length: 10:13

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