GwenMedia’s Moving Sale – All DVDs $10

For the past few months, our lovely Isabella Sinclaire have been preparing for her move back to LA. In preparation, we’ve have been organizing stock, masters, replicating some out of stock dvd titles and now we’re having a HUGE dvd sale.

All GwenMedia and Ivy Manor DVDs are on sale for just $10 until July 1st.

The first out of stock titles replicated are Ivy Manor 2 and Tales from the Manor Volume 2 and they are now available to order.

The newly re-released DVD entitled Secret Sessions Part 1, starring Morgan Monroe and Kim Lee, is now available to order!

Isabella will be back in LA mid-July and her new production studio is currently being renovated.

Until then… visit the GwenMedia store and get your DVD on!

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  1. Sweet! Hope a lot of people will go through their backstock and fill in the collections! Lot of good films including the re-issued Kim Lee outing. Would love it if she could return but unlikely as that was so long ago…

    My only hope is if Gwenmedia is restarting films other than rehiring Fitzgerald for writing and directing definitely needed is the lighting in the films

    PLEASE turn on the lights! Black costume on black furniture in a DARK room is BAD for films. Please turn on the LIGHTS! We can’t see the action like in Ivy Manor 5 Rubber Dreams. January on top of Jewell. No more mood lighting, please

    Look forward to Ivy Manor 6 v2 sometime in 2014

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