1. relatively enjoyable photo set, but have to ask the question what is the goal here? A test out of Miss Conduct’s return to Gwenmedia films (her last being “Glitches”)?

    Or is this set a film itself? No offense but this set has been going on now for several MONTHS with the first part released back on May 5th


    and have another set yet to go.

    If this is a film test out for either this particular set or for Conduct herself, I say get her back in a good sub role that focuses on her.

  2. Athena’s New Toys could be called a web-movie of sorts. But it’s just that… a few scenes shot for the member’s section… nothing more, nothing less. We did enjoy having Conduct back though!

  3. Then please no more three or more month long photosessions. Some of us had to join the site more than once to see the entire session. And it is still not finished. If it was a preview for an actual film that at least would have been worth it. But as it was nothing more, this unncessary drag out is an unfair tease. Though I stand by giving Conduct a feature if that can be worked out.

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