Member Update: Full Length Movie – John Fitzgerald’s Part Time, 99 Images – Kayla Jane Danger


This week we bring another great John Fitzgerald film to the streaming area. The full length version of Part Time is available right now.

In Part Time, starring Veronica, Mia Pavelli & Nomi, you will follow the tale of a young actress, desperate for money, finding herself deep in a world of kink and pain. Note there are a limited number of Part Time DVDs in stock and available now during our Summer DVD Sale.

Also in this week’s update, you will find 99 images of one of our newer GwenMedia Girls, Kayla Jane Danger. Here you will see Kayla in simple, yet highly seductive latex fetish, bending and posing and revealing herself for you.

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    Part-time is

    BEST rubber fetish film



    This film completely suppassed every rubber fetish film before it and that DOES include

    all those from Voila and Shiny and Atomage and Marquis! This film highlights the very

    things that the heavy latex fetish film fans want front and center AND LINGERED over

    those elements!

    1) NO LUBE we hear the pulls and snaps and pull backs as Veronica is FORCED into her

    personal prison

    2) the dress up is SLOW so we get to see her suffering as she is converted into a latex

    doll — no quick slip and quiet zip here!!

    3) multiple layering to remove her as a person! There is no “she” here! Once we convert

    the target that is all that is left — a complete living doll that only exists as the

    controller deems fit to do whatever the controller has decided. There is no person, only

    the doll!

    The only sidenote that so many have complained about this film are the dildos featured in

    this film that were shown not being used on Veronica when she is converted. The dildo

    usage in the Ivy Manor 5 redo was NOT how it should have been done as it was TOO FAST,

    NOT featured nor lingered over though overall it was acceptable as that film DID show

    Jewell with the dildo bulbs dangling almost ignored. That was a nice after touch. But

    that was the entire feeling. It was just an afterthought though not bad overall. But

    far far below THIS film. I hope if there are any more rubber fetish films from Gwenmedia

    I really hope that those films are like this film is done, slow and focused on the rubber

    conversion as shown here and not another quick slip (no lube) and silent zip (let’s hear

    the rrrrrrrrr click! sound as she is sealed in please!!)

    This film is simply perfect as far as a rubber fetish film as it makes no attempt to be

    anything else. And that is why it is the BEST of this type of fetish film.

    It does not try to be a heavy BDSM film. Nor a sex film. Nor a mistress promotion

    vehicle. Part-time 1 is simply a rubber fetish film that involves a great and sneaky

    kidnapping story. Too bad there are no models that the new Gwenmedia have who are

    willing to endure this level of complete and total control onscreen and Veronica has long

    since retired from adult films…..

    But at least we still have this perfect example of what rubber fetish films SHOULD be.

    And hopefully will be again from Gwen Media.

    And the photo-session with Kayla Jane Danger was solid, though her earlier one with the hood was better related to the movie released.

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