1. Okay let’s ask the hard question then… Sinclaire is now officially retired from fetish-live.com, so that means no Ivy Manor 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (NO SUBSTITUTES for her character! Either Sinclaire comes back or leave it dead) But since Ivy Manor was the publically stated reason for the revival of Gwen Media in the first place, why the slow march to the death of Gwen Media since she abandoned it? Or has someone else bought the company and will restart making full story films in 2010? God knows we do not need another web only photo company. So what is the real deal with this company and what is going on?

  2. Hello Jay,
    Yes, Isabella has completely retired and there are no plans to have another substitute for her character. GwenMedia will continue to release new DVDs in 2010. We will post more information on our site soon about these movies.

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