New GwenMedia and Ivy Manor Videos On-Line Stores

Dear Friends,

GwenMedia and Ivy Manor Videos are proud to showcase our new online DVD stores, powered by JT’s Stockroom. Not only will you find all of our available films at great prices, but you will have easy access to purchase some of the equipment we use in the videos. So click the links below to visit our new stores!


  1. >Not only will you find all of our films

    Either someone needs to review the list of the films as almost HALF of the Ivy Manor films especially from the early years and several Gwen Media films are NOT included in the new store, or there should be a statement qualifying this statement to state that the missing films will be added at a later time or why they are not included in sales anymore as the statement of ALL is NOT accurate.

  2. Hello Jay,
    Thanks for commenting on our new store. We hope you are liking it’s ease of use and the other items available for sale.
    As you noticed there are some titles that are not listed. These are titles we had very low copies of. And rather than let customers buy them and have them wait for back orders, we plan add these DVDs as we reproduce them over the coming months.
    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  3. I like the new website but i am a little disapointed that not all the dvd’s that you had on the old site can be obtained on the new site

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