Erotica LA Latex Show Follow Up

GwenMedia Girls Erotica LA

Thanks to everyone who came to Erotica LA to see Isabella Sinclaire and the GwenMedia Girl Brigade on stage in a latex fashion show and performance. After the show, the girls gathered at the GwenMedia booth to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. We would like to thank Miss Katonic, Vima, January Seraph, Natalie Addams, Mz Berlin (not in photo) and, last minute addition, Jen Marie (aka, Mandi Maxella, also not in photo) for a great show. A very special thank you goes to Downtown Willie for constructing the dual standing vac bed stand used in the show, and JT’s Stockroom for the custom latex used for the vac beds.

Erotica LA VacBed

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