GwenMedia Releases New Title With More In Production

Yesterday, Monday, March 12, 2007, GwenMedia released it’s first new title under the ownership of Isabella Sinclaire. The Ivy Manor Slaves is a two-story DVD produced by Isabella Sinclaire and written and directed by John Fitzgerald. Centered around the life-style of the slaves at Sinclaire’s Ivy Manor, the video stars Jewell Marcraeu, Eden Wells, Darling, and of course, The Ivy Manor’s Isabella Sinclaire. The new title is available now at the GwenMedia on-line store and a trailer for the film can be seen here.

Also, in post-production is Isabella’s Toy, the second new title for GwenMedia, scheduled to be released later this month. Isabella’s Toy, also starring Isabella Sinclaire, features Ashley Renee and the mystery-slave simply called toy. Produced, written and directed by Isabella Sinclaire, Isabella’s Toy is a journey of visual ecstasy set to an erotic soundscape. Watch the teaser-trailer here.

Currently in pre-production is GwenMedia’s third title, which has a mid-April 2007 scheduled release date.

Editor’s Note:

GwenMedia is the industry’s leader in innovative fetish video production. Based in Los Angeles, California, and led by fetish icon, Isabella Sinclaire, the company maintains a membership web site featuring it’s videos and exclusive photos which are updated on a weekly basis. GwenMedia holds an inventory of over 100 titles featuring the industry’s A-list of fetish talent. GwenMedia was brought into the spot-light with it’s initial award-winning Ivy Manor series.

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