GwenMedia Releases Slavery, A Love Story, Vol. 1, Pt. 2

The next GwenMedia DVD release is finished and currently being
packaged. Slavery, A Love Story, Vol. 1, Pt. 2, was written and
directed by Julie Simone and features Julie, Scar 13 and Samantha Grace. The story centers around slave, scar’s (Scar 13) jealousy of a new slave’s (Samantha Grace) arrival to the dungeon. Around dreams of love for her Mistress, scar torments the new slave until she’s caught and then reminded that she too is but a slave. Slavery, A Love Story will be available for purchase very soon from the GwenMedia Store.

Currently in post-production is Mind Control 4, the much anticipated continuation of Anastasia Pierce’s Mind Control series. In association with Anastasia Pierce Productions, featuring Anastasia and Arachnia, a new face to GwenMedia, Mind Control 4 should be available late June.

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