Member Update: 11 Minute Video: The Portal 2 – Latex Pets In Training

The Portal 2 clip 2

In this video from GwenMedia’s The Portal 2 – Latex Pets In Training, we find Paris Kennedy and Jade Indica toying with their subject, Rubber Boy, with an array of implements. First, they crop and cain his nipples and cock, then wire his balls for some electrical CBT, all while looking fabulous in their latex fetish.

The Portal 2 – Latex Pets In Training is now on sale at the store.


  1. Hi Jay,
    Yes you are correct. Due to the fact that the public side of our site has been under renovation for the past two weeks, we were unable to post blogs until now. But on the member’s side, this update was initiated then, as was the blog. The same goes for the update with Mistress O and Courtney Crave. But we do like to see you’re checking our site that often!!

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