Member Update: 13 Minute Foot Tormrnt Video with Julie Simone and Krissy Kage

In this 13 minute videofrom Sessions 14, Krissy KageĀ is found laying on the floor, in transparent latex bra and green latex panties. Her Mistress, Julie Simone holds her feet captive, and they are beaten and paddled repeatedly. After Julie brishes Krissy’s feet tenderly, with her legs hobbled in cuffs, Krissy realisesĀ there is no escape, and she whimpers as the Mistress’ canes strikes again and again.

Inside note: Krissy Kage will star in the upcoming GwenMedia DVD release Ivy Manor Slaves 5, and Julie Simone will soon be in the GwenMedia studio starring in new member videos.

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