Member Update: 14 Minute Video – Natalie Minx’s Torment from the Upcoming DVD Release, The Dream Team, Part 2


Members, here your sneak peek at our upcoming DVD release – the continuing story of our recently AVN Award nominated movie, The Dream Team. In this selection from the film, Isabella Sinclaire places Natalie Minx on the bondage table. After securing her hands and spreading her theighs, then gagging the brunette submissive, Isabella tests Natalie’s pain threshold with an arsenal of clamps. Once Natalie’s breasts and pussy are colorfully decorated, Isabella whacks them away with her crop. What doesn’t come off willingly, are plucked off, one by one. by Isabella. Being too many to carry, Natalie isĀ  forced to reclamp them to herself, so she can easily transport them across the room.

Watch a free clip HERE.

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