Member Update – A Dream Come True; 7 Minute Video, 57 Photos

A Dream Come True Clip Sample

Members, here’s your sneak peek at GwenMedia’s upcoming DVD release, A Dream Come True. This BDSM extreme film stars our very own, Isabella Sinclaire, along with GwenMedia Girls Jade Indica and Satine Phoenix. In this clip, after their ploy to deceive Mistress Isabella was discovered, the beautifully dressed in latex dominatrix exploits Her dungeon’s arsenal on these two bare beauties.

Includes: Bondage Predicaments, Nipple and Pussy Torture, Flogging, Caning and Verbal Humiliation


  1. Satine Phoenix is a great BDSM player! I love her stuff from Ian Rath’s Fetish Nation as it is usually powerful and sometimes really original like inverted living candle holders with a lighted candle sticking out of various body parts. Jade Indica continues to shows that she is very good in the sub role from what I can see here. But this segment does not show off these two as well as I think they are. I do not know whether it is the time limit of clip or the way the sneak peak is cut to keep us interested in getting the full film for the real power stuff, but what we see in the peek is not as powerful as I would have hoped, red rump streaks notwithstanding. I hope the full film shows more power than what is shown here in this sneak peak but I think it will be in the film again from the red rump streaks we see here.

    Also when are we going to see Isabella get tied up and gagged on screen as part of these “overcome and get the domme” films? She does strap-on sex with her guys. So when do we see her bound up? And don’t say she does not do that, as she has done a lot of pics wearing bondage gear including lower face shields sealing her mouth shut which I hope she does again onscreen.

  2. so criticism is not permissable on the board. I take the time to write and it gets dumped in the round file. But when I praise that gets posted. That sucks. Shame on you. That means I will only post about the bad and weak stuff from now on and leave the good to everyone else.

  3. Thanks for the good feedback about Satine and Jade, we hope to have them both in the studio soon for a web content shoot.

    Regarding Isabella… we would love to know what films you are talking about where she does ‘strap on with her guys’ and in which pictures her mouth is sealed shut… she and I know of none and you will more than likely never see her in a sub role.

    We do appreciate you writing in, and sorry for the delay in a response, we’ve been busy with video productions.

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