Member Update: Crimson Mansion 3 – Maria’s Punishment

By member request, this week we bring Crimson Mansion 3 – Maria’s Punishment to the Member’s Area of

In this continuation, Maria continues to disappoint Mistress Brianna and is confined to her ball cage when the Mistress enters the room. Maria is then subjected to a series of new training procedures, including Exotic Confinements, Spankings, Floggings, Ballet Boots, Corsets, Latex Hoods and more! Once satisfied with the training, Mistress Brianna binds Maria in Heavy Latex and then straps her to the Bondage Table, so that she may have the chance to contemplate what she has learned.

Starring: Jean Bardot and Victoria Channing

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  1. Great series. Better than Ivy Manor as Jean did switch roles as the leader/head slave. Was hoping that Rossi would have come back by episode 5 or so but never got that far. Victoria channing was perfect as the personal serving slave. If Gwen Media comes back to new live films, I hope they restart this series (not redo with someone else) with Jean Bartdot and if possible Channing.

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