Member Update: Full Length Film – Crimson Mansion 4

Head Mistress Brianna has been out for a night on the town. Her slave, Cathy, was accompanying her on the trip. Apparently, something happened while they were out. Mistress Brianna arrived back at the Mansion with Cathy in tow. She seems very angry! What could have happened while they were out? Only Brianna and Cathy will know. However, Cathy will now take the full force of Mistress Brianna’s punishment for her misbehavior.

Starring: Jean Bardot and Sandra

Crimson Mansion 4 is also available at the store.

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  1. Best film of this series. Too bad it was not continued before Zak died and Mistress Sandra of retired from film work. Sandra was perfect as the sub as this film shows. Bardot was kinda just there though. Should have showed what it was that “Sasha” did to anger her mistress so badly. The setting in the actual castle was excellent. Such setting should have been done in all the episodes.

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