Member Update: Full Length Film – Part Time 2

By member request, this week we bring you a John Fitzgerald classic, Part Time 2.

In this editing of the series, Corey falls deeper and deeper into a world of dominance and submission as the lure of money brings her more and more bizarre experiences. And when offered more money that she can imagine to re-visit her first Master, she learns that what seemed like easy cash may turn into a living nightmare.

Starring: Emily Marilyn, Sadie Belle


  1. Enjoyable follow-up by Fitzgerald to his classic “Part-Time 1” though this film falls short in the latex costume usage which was the essential feature of the first film and did follow his own story’s second part where Corey’s friend seeks to resuce Corey from — well the situation that her character was in. Does this film selection mean that there is any hope that Emily will be appearing in any new Gwen Media films or if any new films will be created and released by Gwen Media? DIdn’t even see the posting of the Ivy Manor Slaves latest release here though seems to be active in the DVD store.

  2. >but you never know what the future holds.

    What does that mean? Sold off studio last year and no new films have been made since 2008. Fitzgerald retired and took down his site and no posting on the latest DVD release IMS 4 here on the side notice latest one on top is Sessions 15 and that has been almost a full year now. Is Gwen Media only releasing archives and webclips now?

    I ask about Emily as she returned to active BDSM worh in late 2010. As she was a recognized name star for Gwen Media back in the day, it makes sense that if new films are being made to return to a name performer rather than the newer who have all either left the biz or have no real following. But if no new films and only archives that have not been released, then it does not matter at all.

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