Member Update – Full Length Movie: The Ivy Manor Slaves, Part 2, 10 Minute Video & 50 Photos: Sessions 14, Julie Simone & Krissy

The Ivy Manor Slaves DVD Insert

The latest addition to the member’s on-line GwenMedia catalog is the new AVN Award Nominated, Ivy Manor Slaves, Parts 2, written and directed by John Fitzgerald. House Slaves – A day in the life of two of Mistress’ slaves isn’t all fun and games. These two slaves find out what happens when they take things too far. Also starring Jewell Marceau and Darling. The Ivy Manor Slaves is also available on DVD at the Store.

Sessions 14 Update

To celebrate the new release of Sessions 14, Julie Simone & Krissy, now on sale at the store, members will enjoy a sexy 10 minute video clip an 50 photos from the film, directed by Julie Simone. In this scene, watch as the sexy submissive, Krissy, gets drenched in hot wax by Mistress Julie. When the candles go out, watch as mistress flogs the hardened wax from Krissy’s body. And if you like this scene, you will not want to miss the rest of Sessions 14 available now on DVD. No script, no acting, no mercy!

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