Member Update: Julie Simone & Aiden Star – Medical Scenario

This week, we bring you a yet-to-be-released medical scenario with Julie Simone and Aiden Star. Watch as the bizarrely masked Mistress Julie torments her bound and gagged subject with nipple torture and hot wax.


  1. Yet to be released? !?!? You are kidding right? Dolly Dreams DVD……Good fillm but no way is this “unreleased”
    When are guys going to actually make new films? Or at the very least release some unreleased films like Snatched 2?

  2. No offense but there photos on the DVD maybe not as much as this planned photo-session .But again who cares about photos? We don’t need more competition with Bianca Beauchamp, fetish-live, Rubber Eva latexgirlies, Eubber Asylum etc., etc., etc.,…photo only companies. Everybody reeases photos. Gwenmedia used to be a FILM company. Wen are we going to get some unreleased NEW FILMS?

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