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Natalie Addams Live Latex Archive Promo

Members, log in now to the Live Archive page to recap the incredibly sexy Natalie Addams when she was in the studio for the Live Latex Show. In the 50 minutes of video, inside, Natalie sensually wraps herself in clear latex body suit, breasts exposed, and a gas mask, then shines herself with Pjur Cult lube. You can tell she loves the feeling of latex, as she touches and rubs herself. But for this latex-lover, one layer of rubber is not enough. Natalie finds and slips into a transparent green cat suit with hood then decides to relax in a latex vacuum bed for a while. Watch her get lost under the clear latex sheet, wiggling and moaning, until the vacuum sucks her down, nearly immobile.

Includes: Heavy Rubber, Gas Masks, Hoods, Vacuum Beds

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  1. Mmmmmm! MORE.

    This better be the next full length film release as Natalie shows off a great sensual desire that few can match and this shows it clear and exact. While it may not a great storyline it can be incorporated into one I am sure. Especially for this one ;).

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