Member Update: Rubber Starlets – Full Length Film

Three girls. One Dominant, the others young, sweet, inexperienced in BDSM and…..submissive! Watch, as Mistress Jean turns them into her little playthings. Sultry Anastasia is dressed in sexy, rose-colored latex lingerie and made to pose and perform. Then, enter the novice! She is unsure of what to do, how to react. Mistress Jean then places her into the vac-bed while she seduces Anastasia. The novice can only listen to the moans of ecstasy, as she is tightly bound within the confines of the tight latex. Mistress Jean then decides that she would like to play even more. She transforms Anastasia into her very own marionette puppet while the novice kneels and watches. Sexy and sultry! Bizarre latex bondage.

Starring: Anastasia Pierce and Jean Bardot

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