Member Update: Sessions 7 – Full Length Film

Slave Cheryl is put to the test. Mistress Nicolette trains her to be the perfect little puppy slave. Her commands are fortified with the use of several types of disciplinary techniques, including riding crop, paddle, clothespins and electro-shock. The caged, gagged and drooling beauty whines for mercy but none is given! Latex lingerie, Bed linens, Inflatable straight-jacket and lots of discipline.

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  1. When she was doing sub work, Cheryl was one of the best sub performers. Her performance in “Just Beat Me 2” (long out of print) was awe-inspiring. I was hoping Cheryl would have done more productions with Zak in sub roles and more full body latex costuming than she did in this film. But Cheryl never did another film with Gwenmedia. And she is just horrible as “Mistress Nora Thang, the Vietdominatrix” as her Vietdominatrix clips show. She says Cheryl Dynasty/Lynn Kahn is dead. Don’t ask for Nora to get on knees Ain’t happening. Ever.” But she still gets works in her domme role. So it works for her…..Too bad for us fetish film buyers as this film shows.

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