Members Update: Sisters – Part 1 of 5, Downloadable Video

By Member request, this week we bring you for your downloading pleasure, the first two scenes from John Fitzgerald’s, Sisters. Starring Mz Berlin and Madison Young, this is a tale of jealousy and betrayal. The scene opens with some foreshadowing… Madison, bound and gagged, is being tormented by Berlin. The story flashes back to the girls getting reacquainted, with lessons in BDSM.


  1. A continuation of this movie is? Or even be planned? And then I really liked the story of the sisters. And the plot of the movie suggests a sequel.Izvenyayus for errors in the text. English is not my native language, so I’m writing a programa translator.By the way, there are subtitles for the film? And then I do not understand much of what they say heroine.

  2. Privet, Pavel! Unfortunately none of our films are subtitled, that I am aware of. Maybe something we can consider for future!

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