Miss Katonic and Vima at GwenMedia

Miss Katonic & Vima Promo

It was another busy web production day in the studio on Friday as two more sexy GwenMedia Girls graced our cameras for a latex fetish photo shoot. If you attended Erotica LA and saw our stage show, you may recognize these two beauties, Miss Katonic and Vima. Working together for the first time, the chemistry between these two girls was incredible, as they explored each other in a rigid latex medical scene and a more intimate latex scene, pictured here. Be looking for Miss Katonic and Vima during the coming months in our member’s area.


  1. rigid latex medical scene hope that was recorded as a movie

    Nice to see new faces which reminds me when is Gwen Media going to update that front page w/ Jean Bardot? Unless she is coming back there are a LOT of good ladies my personal is January as a replacement for the front page who are now rather than reaching back for what was. And the Gwen Media Girls page too I mean Nora White and Anna Mills are both LONG gone.

  2. Dear Jay,
    Thank you for the kind words, and know that you are reading our minds when it comes to changing some images on our site. This Winter, be looking for a fresh entry page each month, as we feature a new Model of the Month. As well, we are going to bring some other pages up to date including the GwenMedia Girls page. I will forward your kudos along to January… we like her too.

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