Photo Shoot with January Seraph

January arrived early on Saturday, and this had nothing to do with cold weather. GwenMedia Girl, January Seraph was very excited to be at our studios once again for another photo and video clip shoot. Another model was schedule to shoot with her, but cancelled a couple days earlier… her loss. As the staff set up the scenarios for the shoot, January was already trying on selections from our sexy latex wardrobe and decided first she wanted to play in the medical room with the suction toys. Who were we to deny her request.

Arachnia Webb Filing at GwenMedia

During this set, another GwenMedia Girl, Arachnia Webb, arrived to assist in the office for the afternoon. Later, as January began her second set in the bedroom, she thought it would be fun to invite Arachnia in to play for a bit – funny, we were thinking the same thing! Arachnia slipped into some latex and was soon nipple-clamped and face down on the bed being spanked by our lovely dom-for-the-moment, January. The two kissed and Arachnia went back to her office work, as January climbed to the roof for a last sexy latex set against a crisp blue sky.

Members: Be looking for these photo and video sets coming soon to

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