Primal Hardwere’s Krubera Ovipositor is Something Out of Our Wildest Dreams

“How do you like your eggs?”, read’s Primal Hardwere’s description box for their latest creation: the ovipositor.  Primal Hardwere has a reputation for catering to a wide cast of paraphilias with their animal “dicks” (dildos inspired by the anatomy of real and fantastic animals).  Still, the Ovipositor is by far the most ambitious.  In nature, the ovipositoris an organ used by some animals for the laying of eggs. It consists of a maximum of three pairs of appendages formed to transmit the egg, to prepare a place for it, and to place it properly.  When you modify this concept to accommodate a pervert’s lust for sex toys, what we’re really talking about here are monster alien dildos.  Seriously, its a giant alien cock that shoots eggs into people.  At 1 foot in height, 1.9 inches in diameter (without eggs) and a shaft circumference of about 6 inches, these ovipositors are like something out of the filthiest wet dreams of any sci-fi geek.  Both the Splorch and Krubera are made of soft platinum silicone, making them relatively easy to clean after play.  Hardwere claims that the ovipositors are meant to be used as novelties and gag gifts.  But despite this, there is amble evidence on the net to suggest that people, undeterred by the heaping gobs of lube necessary to operate the device, are actually shoving them into their various holes.  Plopping tiny gelatin eggs about, to their heart’s content.  The “Krubera” and its sister model “Splorch” are stretchy enough to accommodate about 3 or 4 chicken-egg sized gelatin balls, which the interested party can fashion with a complementary egg mold (included with purchase).  Perfect for acting out the most elaborate abduction/impregnation fantasies. ovipositorsneak

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