The Betrayal DVD Now Available

The Betrayal Cover
GwenMedia’s latest release is now available on DVD. The Betrayal features Isabella Sinclaire, Berlin and slavegirl, Petra as Lil Anne. Mistress Monica (Berlin) brings her slave to Mistress Isabella to correct her behavioral problems. During her training, Lil Anne confesses a secret. Watch as Mistress Monica is tormented for her role in “The Betrayal.” Running time on this film is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Watch the trailer and order your copy today.


  1. Weak film, no imagination, no power beatings like in Perfect Slave. Why do the women get the soft touch and the men get the heavy poundings? Why no hooks suspending the women by their vagina or butt? And where is the latex hooding and enclosure? This is supposed to be a latex film right?

  2. Dear rubberfiend03,
    Thank you for your critique of this film. To address your concerns… Though the focus of GwenMedia is on latex, some of our films are written to appeal to a variety of fetishes. The Betrayal was not written as a heavy rubber film, but more of a bdsm session film. You will note other popular GwenMedia titles, such as Fetish Girls, also contain limited rubber and serve a different purpose, that title being more of a girl-girl sex film. And in referencing The Perfect Slave… this film was produced under Isabella Sinclaire’s Ivy Manor Video line, which, as you seem to know, is targeted to the hardcore BDSM audience. We do have a few films in post-production that do focus more on latex, hoods, etc., including The Portal and Slavery, A Love Story, Part 1. We hope you check them out when they become available, as they may appeal to your personal fetish. Thanks for the comment.

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