Our studio is constantly evolving and you can assist us with that evolution!  We have added a few things that would make a great addition to our space as well as our productions.   All of these items are available at The Stockroom and since they are in LA, we can pick them up. Or you can send the gifts to:

PO BOX 862008
Los Angeles, CA 90086

Thank you! We love our fans.

Every production studio needs a sex machine.  Too many horny slaves, so little time.

The Slave Driver Fucking machine is the perfect solution.


We love medical scenarios and these bondage pieces would make an excellent addition:

Institutional Padded Arm Splint


Institutional Fleece Lined Blindfold


Padded Medical Posture Collar


Deluxe Padded Wrist Cuffs and Ankle Cuffs



Small Rubber Leg Binder



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  1. I have admired your work for quite sometime and would like to contribute something to the cause. I am a blacksmith as a passion hobbyist and have recently started to dabble in pieces you have displayed in your wish list. I would be delighted to create a gift for your productions. Please let me know if there is something “wicked” you have thought of but just could not find it. Happy to fabricate it and see what you think.

    Best Regards,
    Joseph T.F.D

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