Member Update: 13 Minute Video, 84 Images – Athena’s New Toys, Pt.1 with Athena Fatale and Miss Conduct


Mistress Athena Fatale orders Miss Conduct to shine her latex from head to toe in Part 1 of this vignette series. Miss Conduct is happy to abide and slowly lubes her Mistress’ body. When finished, Athena shares her new Stockroom purchases with her slave and puts some of the new equipment to use. After binding Miss Conduct’s hands together with sexy wrist cuffs, Athena breaks out her new heart shaped paddle and puts it to good use on Conduct’s sexy ass. After the fun, Athena needs to step out for a while and orders Conduct to stay out of her new toys. Will she do as told? Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of Athena’s New Toys coming soon…

Includes: Lots of sexy lubing, Light Bondage, Paddling

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