Member Update: 21 Minute Latex Fetish Video – Julie Simone & Delilah

Julie Simone returns this week to the member’s area, with another sexy 21 minute latex fetish video featuring her latex-kitten, Delilah.

As Julie caresses herself in a purple latex dress, she gets turned on by the thought of lighting a cigarette. After doing so, she relaxes in the bondage chair (by Downtown Willy) and continues to explore herself… her thighs… her breasts. The smoke escapes her mouth, as her excitement intensifies.

Delilah joins Julie, and both girls pour lube on each other and shine one-another’s ass. After both girls’ latex is nice and shiny, they begin to explore each other more before dawning their latex hoods. Once hooded, each girl caresses the other before Delilah submits to Julie, resting in her lap.

Watch a preview clip HERE.

Includes: Latex Fetish, Smoking Fetish, Latex Hoods

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