Member Update: Full Length Movie – Crimson Mansion 2, The New Recruit

Crimson Mansion 2

Part Two of the series finds Brianna inspecting a new recruit.

She has arrived at the Mansion bound, gagged, crated and held within the cold steel confines of a small cage. Brianna’s personal servant, Maria, is charged with the duty of preparing the recruit for her long ordeal. Heavy steel mitts and head cage are locked on to the poor girls head and hands. She is then taken to the dungeon to await her new Mistress.

Both the new recruit and Maria are given a special treat in the medical room. Tubes and catheters are inserted for proper training and punishment. Maria’s punishment is especially tormenting, as she is forced to endure a long session of punishment for causing her Mistress distress.

A break in the training finds Brianna and Mistress Danielle enjoying a rest period in the massive dining room. Danielle, although a training Mistress, is wearing a punishment hood with no mouth opening. She is forced to watch Brianna enjoy her food and drink. But, they both enjoy what the two slaves are doing under the table.

Severe bondage, cages, hoods, inflatable suits and medical scenarios are very prevalent in this highly dramatic, latex-filled production.

Starring: Jean Bardot, Victoria Channing, Paige Richards, Mistress Sandra, Charlotte Kelly

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