Sinclaire Academy: Sensory Deprivation

July 12th SUNDAY – Please join us from 2-4pm on July 12th for the continuation of my Sinclaire Academy workshop.
My next class will be focusing on

Sensory Deprivation.

 I have constructed a class schedule for 2015 on the second Sunday of every month.  Why on a Sunday?  It is a day that is most associated with worship and I couldn’t think of a better day to teach the arts of true worship through dominance and submission.

This class is for ALL individuals (professional or lifestyle) with an interest in expanding their knowledge through my 20 years of experience and for those who wish to dive into something new so complete novices or couples are always welcome.

The fee is
$15 per person prepaid
$25 per couple prepaid
(click on the link to prepay)

At the door

$20 per person
$30 per couple


Find out more information and how to RSVP by clicking HERE

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