Libidex 50 Dresses collection ‘first of many new projects’



“The Libidex 50 Dresses collection is the latest fashion project from the well-known London latex label, and is due to appear soon.

The label says its new collection will feature a variety of styles, covering all areas from party dresses to vintage styles, from fetish classics to “your favourite LBD”.

The Libidex 50 Dresses collection will also cater for all sizes and shapes, from a “badass, figure-hugging’”Mistress corset dress to a romantic 1950s, “Dior new look”-inspired all-white wedding dress.

Libidex thinks latex fans will be amazed by the collection’s new designs. “Some of them will feature corsets and buckles,” it says, “and others will have a contemporary feel, perfect for that special event in your fetish calendar or just to indulge yourself in the luxury of your own affairs.”

Libidex adds that it will be “doing a lot more designing” in the coming months, with the Libidex 50 Dresses collection just the first of “many new, exciting projects” it has in the pipeline.

There seems to be a suprisingly new spin on latex surfacing in the mainstream spotlight lately.  In another artilce, the push for designer latex and high fashion seemed to be coming from the influx of newbies that the 50 Shades trilogy brought out of the kinky closet. Still, I have to wonder if there is a difference between high fashion latex and the latex fetish itself.  Is the mainstream spotlight strerilizing rubber?

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