1. the photo session is a nice promo for Addison. The clip is just awful. We do not see her hooded or gagged on camera. She magically appears after each new addition. If you are not going to show her terror as she being hooded and/or gagged what is the reason for it then? Don’t do anymore of these after only anymore. It is the same as only showing the cuts and whelps in a BDSM film and none of the beatings or whipping. Go back and redo the rubber scene just like Partiime 1 or don’t do anymore hooding and gagging sets as this satisfies no one.

  2. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Sorry you didn’t care for the video, we thought it was pretty sexy, as did several write-in members. I will say that sometimes it is difficult to get those elements on film, especially if the second model scheduled to be in the shoot cancels at the last minute, which was the case here. Either way, be looking for a new clip coming in a couple weeks of a new GwenMedia Girl, who does a great job of slipping herself into latex… it includes hoods and gas masks.

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