Member Update: 21 Minute Video, 73 Images – Mistress Sable with Rubbernecro in Heavy Rubber

Mistress Sable and Rubbernecro are back together in this “Breathtaking” Heavy Rubber scenario. After Sable removes her sexy red-headed captive from the cage, she is placed on the bondage table and caressed with lube.

First Rubbernecro slips into a black laced, latex catsuit, decorated with a gas mask. After another application of lube, she is then placed into a sleep sack, completely under her mistress’ control.

There, Sable uses this scenario to her advantage and toys with her subject’s breath, while she squirms inside the latex encasement.

Watch a free clip HERE.


  1. I usually follow anything that Mistress Sable is in and I must say she didn’t stop her amazing self from showing herself in Rubber and Rubberizing someone as she has done many times before!

    Can you get more videos with Ms Sable Please!

    B. Richards

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