Member Update: Mistress O & Courtney Crave In The White Room – 13 Minute Video, 77 Images


Mistress O meets Courtney Crave again, this time in The White Room for some Latex BDSM goodness. First Mistress O crops Courtney’s theighs, then turns her around and lifts her clear latex dress to whip her ass. After Courtney suffers through that torment, Mistress O has her on the table complete with gas mask. There, she tempts her submissive’s inner theighs with a pinwheel, before straddling her and controlling her breath. When Mistress O is finished, she covers Courtney with a clear latex sheet and bids her goodnight.

INCLUDES: Cropping, Whipping, Gas Mask, Light Medical Play, Breath Play, and yes… LATEX!

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